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9 Foods That Could Send You to Your Emergency Dentist in Richardson

April 3, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — canyoncreekfamilydentistry @ 5:34 pm

lollipop and tooth painEveryone loves to eat. Whether it’s a savory feast full of hearty foods or a refreshing summer treat, there are few things as satisfying as biting into something delicious. Unfortunately, not all the goodies that we love to consume are safe for our oral health. In fact, some foods could send you straight to your emergency dentist in Richardson. Here are a few yummies that we suggest you be cautious around.


Ice is quite hard, and even though it isn’t as hard as your tooth enamel, your teeth are brittle enough that they’re vulnerable to breakage. Unless you want a brand-new chip in your smile and a major toothache, it’s best to use ice to chill your favorite drinks, not as a snack by itself.

Hard Candies

Not only are hard candies tough enough to break your teeth, but they’re also loaded with sugar. Exposing your teeth to the sweet stuff for extended periods of time contributes to decay, dry mouth, and more.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are quite acidic. The acid can easily wear away your tooth enamel and lead to decay. It’s best to enjoy these fruits in moderation, and when you do indulge, be sure to rinse your mouth with water afterward.

Sticky Foods

Gummy bears, dried fruits, and other sticky goodies can cling to your teeth and get stuck in your mouth, exposing your pearly whites to sugar for lengthy periods of time. Moreover, if you’ve recently had a crown or filling placed, the sticky food can dislodge your restoration.


Coffee is an acidic beverage, and many people add loads of sugar to make it more palatable. The result is a drink that can wear away enamel, stain your teeth, and dry out your mouth. To make sure your coffee habit doesn’t lead to a dental emergency, please resist the urge to make it sweeter. Instead, try adding a bit of milk to cut the acidity and get some calcium.


Soda is anathema to good oral health. It is packed full of sugar, acid, and dyes. Please avoid it as much as possible. If you do decide to have some, rinse your mouth with water afterward.

Potato Chips

Potato chips can easily get stuck between your teeth. Not only is this uncomfortable, but having food lodged in your smile for hours at a time can contribute to decay. When you have a crunchy snack, it’s important that you floss soon afterward.


Consuming too much alcohol can dehydrate you and lead to dry mouth, and a dry mouth can lead to cavities and bad breath. Plus, most cocktails are full of sugar. Drink in moderation, and sip some water while you’re enjoying your adult beverage.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks, like soda, often contain oodles of sugar. To keep yourself hydrated, why not opt for plain water? Or, if you’re craving the electrolytes that come with a sports drink, choose a variety that contains little to no sugar.

Want to prevent a dental disaster? Avoid or limit your consumption of the above foods — your teeth will thank you!

About Your Dentist in Richardson

The four dentists at Canyon Creek Family Dentistry always encourage their patients to take preventive measures to protect their smiles. However, if a dental emergency does occur, we’re ready to leap into action to help out. If one of your teeth is in pain, please contact us right away at 972-644-3800.

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