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Tooth Extractions

Removing teeth is never our first choice at Canyon Creek Family Dentistry of Richardson. It is always our final recourse when there are no other options, but when removing one tooth will benefit the health of your whole smile, our team can offer safe, comfortable tooth extractions. If you’re in need of tooth removal or any of the wide range of restorative dentistry services we provide for our patients, please don’t hesitate to give our team a call today. We’ll schedule a treatment consultation appointment for you to come and visit us in our state-of-the-art Richardson dentistry practice. We’ll examine your smile and help you to develop a personalized tooth extraction plan, and when necessary, we will also plan to replace your lost dental structures.

When They’re Necessary

We will do our best to help you avoid tooth extractions, but we may need to provide them to protect your overall health in the following situations:

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Why Wisdom Teeth are Often Removed

Woman in dental chair giving thumbs upThere ae many reasons why we may need to remove your wisdom teeth. Their late eruption into the smile often means that patients don’t have adequate space to accommodate an additional set of molars. This can make it impossible for the wisdom teeth to erupt at all, and it can shift surrounding teeth out of alignment. In order to protect overall oral health in these situations, we will recommend wisdom tooth extraction.

How Teeth are Extracted

Metal clasp holding extracted toothTooth extraction is completed either by pulling or surgical removal. Pulling a tooth is possible only if the tooth has fully emerged from the gum line. When this happens, we can numb the area and use a clasp tool to shift the tooth back and forth until it breaks free from the supportive structures. Surgical removal may be simply cutting away soft tissue to reveal additional tooth structure, or it could include more advanced methods like drilling into supportive bone tissues or breaking the tooth into smaller pieces.

Caring for Teeth After Extraction

Following the removal of one or more teeth, our knowledgeable team members will walk you through how best to care for your smile as the tooth extraction site heals. Everyone is different, but in most cases, we will recommend the following:

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