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Direct Bonding – Richardson, TX

Repair Dental Damage Without Making it Noticeable

If you have a few minor cosmetic flaws that distract from your otherwise beautiful grin, over time, they can have a severe impact on your self-esteem. They may even keep you from participating in certain social events. At Canyon Creek Family Dentistry of Richardson, we offer a cost-effective, fast, and painless treatment that can help, direct bonding. Using a natural-colored composite resin that’s custom chosen to match the rest of your smile, we can repair chips, cracks, fractures, you name it. Our kind and caring team of dental professionals would be more than happy to help you regain your confidence, and provide you with the trustworthy and reliable care that you need.

What is Direct Bonding?

Person smiling after dental bonding treatment

Dental bonding utilizes a special material called composite resin that’s made from fine particles of glass and acrylic. It’s similar to a putty, and your dentist in Richardson will mold, sculpt, and bond it with your natural tooth to conceal any flaws. The resin is custom-chosen to match the same shade as the rest of your teeth, making it virtually indistinguishable.

What Problems Can It Fix?

Woman relaxing afterdental bonding treatment

Having a smile that’s impacted by cosmetic flaws can slowly wear away your self-esteem and increase your risk of developing oral health problems. Bonding is especially effective at correcting minor imperfections, some of which include:

After dental trauma, damage can leave the root of your tooth vulnerable to being attacked by harmful oral bacteria. They can reach the inner chamber of the tooth more easily if it’s exposed by a crack or fracture, and cause an infection, resulting in a root canal. With cosmetic dentistry in Richardson, you can restore your oral health, not just your confidence.

What’s The Procedure Like?

Patient receiving dental bonding treatment

The procedure of getting cosmetic bonding is fast and painless. Depending on how many teeth you need to be repaired, it typically can be done in a single visit to our office. First, one of our dental professionals will smooth out any jagged or sharp edges of your tooth. After that, they’ll select the shade of composite resin that matches closest with your natural teeth.

To begin the bonding process, we’ll roughen the surface of your tooth to help the resin attach better. We’ll then apply, sculpt, and shape the putty to complete the structure of your damaged tooth. After curing the resin and making any final adjustments, we’ll polish it and send you on your way!

How Do I Care For My Bonded Teeth?

Man sharing flawless smile after dental bonding

One great benefit of dental bonding is that with proper care, it can last up to 10 years. By keeping up with your oral hygiene routine of brushing twice each day and flossing, you’ll be able to extend the lifespan. Also, remember to schedule your routine checkups and cleanings with us so we can inspect your bonded teeth and make any repairs or replacements if necessary. For any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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