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Moonlit Misery: Why Your Toothache gets Worse at Night

February 9, 2024

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Man awake in bed due to a toothache

A toothache — relentless throbbing that seems to intensify just when your head hits the pillow. The mysterious worsening of tooth pain during the wee hours can be a distressing ordeal. However, knowing the causes of the sensation is the first step toward finding relief. If you’re curious to find the reasons behind late-night toothaches, continue reading.

1. Changes in Blood Flow

Throughout the day, your body is in an upright position, and blood flows more evenly. However, when you lie down to sleep, the dynamics change. Blood rushes to the head, increasing the blood pressure in your gums and sinuses. For a tooth already irritated or inflamed, this surge in blood flow can heighten the pain, turning a dull ache into a sharp stab.

2. Reduced Distractions

During the day, your mind is occupied and the stimuli around you serve as distractions for any pain you may have. However, when night falls and the world quiets down, your mind begins to look for things to think about—even unpleasant ones. This can increase your awareness of pain, making a toothache more pronounced as your focus narrows.

3. Late-Night Snacks

Have you ever awoken from a restful sleep because you’re hungry? Eating in the middle of the night is a bad habit that can lead to increased dental issues. The bacteria in your mouth love to consume the food particles in your mouth to multiply. As this happens and plaque builds up, it releases acids that can irritate the gums and worsen existing cavities. This often causes a toothache to throb painfully.

4. Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

For patients who grind or clench their teeth, nighttime can be especially troublesome. Bruxism, the habit of grinding or clenching teeth, is often unconscious and can lead to increased tooth sensitivity and pain. This can be especially harmful during the night when you’re not aware of the damage being done.

Understanding the reasons behind the nighttime aggravation of toothaches is the first step toward finding relief. However, the next step is to see your dentist for treatment! By addressing these underlying issues and keeping your teeth clean, you can achieve more peaceful nights and pain-free sleep.

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