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Cost of Dental Implants – Richardson, TX

Invest in Your Health and Confidence

Many patients hesitate to commit to dental implants in Richardson because they do not want to spend a lot of money. We understand that, which is why we would not recommend dental implants unless we truly believed they are a worthwhile investment — and they are! Read on to learn about some of the reasons why dental implants cost as much as they do. Then, discover how you may be able to afford this life-changing treatment.

Types of Dental Implants

One of the main factors behind the cost of dental implants is the specific nature of the treatment. For example, a single dental implant accompanied by a single crown costs less than several implants and an accompanying denture. There are also different types of implants from different manufactures, as well as a range of implant placement techniques. All of these factors can have a significant impact on the overall price of the treatment. During your consultation, we’ll discuss the details of your procedure with you and talk to you about any implant options that may be available for you.

What Are the Stages of Dental Implant Treatment?

You do not have to pay for the entirety of your new smile upfront. The treatment takes place over several months and across several stages, each of which comes with a separate cost. You’ll thus be able to plan financially to pay for your new smile one procedure at a time. Some of what you may have to pay for includes:

Are Dental Implants Worth the Investment?

Yes, dental implants are worth the investment! They have the potential to last a lifetime, while alternative treatments may last for just a few years — a fact that makes implants a better long-term value. Moreover, it’s impossible to put a price on the benefits that dental implants offer. For example, unlike other treatments, they are sturdy enough to stand up to practically any food. They also look stunning and provide bone health benefits. The vast majority of people who receive dental implants have no doubt that their restored smile was worth the cost.

Does My Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

More and more dental insurance companies are offering coverage for dental implants; you’ll have to check the specifics of your policy to find out if it will help with your treatment. If it does not cover the implants themselves, it may mitigate the cost of preparatory work or the cost of your final restoration. Low- or no-interest financing from CareCredit may also play an essential role in helping you afford your new smile. Our team will help you explore various resources you may be able to use in order to fit dental implants into your budget.

Are you ready to invest in your confidence and oral health? Contact your dentist in Richardson today to learn more about this amazing treatment.