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New Year, New You: Protecting Your Oral Health While Working Out

December 4, 2023

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Someone smiling and running

As the New Year rolls in, many of us embark on a journey towards improved health and fitness. While focusing on your physical health, it’s crucial not to overlook your oral health, which can be impacted by workout routines. Here are some tips to protect your oral health while keeping up with your fitness resolutions.

1. Stay Hydrated, the Right Way

 Hydration is key during workouts, but how you hydrate matters. Water is always the best choice. Sports drinks might seem beneficial, but they often contain high levels of sugar and acid, which can lead to tooth decay and erosion. If you do consume them, try to rinse your mouth with water afterward.

2. Be Aware of Dry Mouth

 Intense workouts can lead to dry mouth, reducing saliva flow which is essential for neutralizing acids and washing away food particles. This can increase the risk of cavities. Ensure you’re breathing correctly during exercises and keep hydrating to stimulate saliva production.

3. Mind Your Nutrition

 Nutrition is a significant part of fitness, but be cautious with what you eat for your oral health. Foods high in sugars, even natural sugars like in fruits, can contribute to tooth decay. Balance your diet with plenty of vegetables and proteins, and brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after consuming sugary or acidic foods.

4. Protect Your Teeth During Contact Sports

 If your fitness regime includes contact sports, invest in a good mouthguard. This can prevent tooth damage or loss due to impact. A custom-fitted mouthguard from your dentist is the best option for comfort and protection.

5. Avoid Clenching or Grinding

Intense concentration during lifting or strenuous activities can lead you to clench or grind your teeth, which can cause tooth wear or even fractures. Stay mindful of your jaw position during workouts. If you find it hard to control, consider a mouthguard for heavy lifting sessions.

6. Post-Workout Oral Care

After working out, especially if you’ve consumed anything acidic or sugary, brush your teeth. This helps remove any harmful residues and maintain good oral hygiene. If brushing isn’t possible immediately, rinsing your mouth with water is a good temporary solution.

7. Regular Dental Check-Ups

 Regular visits to your dentist can help catch any fitness-related oral health issues early. They can also provide personalized advice based on your specific workout regimen and oral health status.

By incorporating these oral health tips into your fitness routine, you’ll not only be working towards a healthier body but also ensuring that your smile stays as fit as your physique. Remember, a healthy body includes a healthy mouth. Here’s to a fit and fabulous New Year!

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