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5 FAQs About Custom Sports Mouthguards

August 28, 2019

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goalie blocking a soccer ball from entering netSometimes, you don’t appreciate something as much as you should until after you lose it. Your teeth are vital in performing everyday functions like chewing and speaking. When you lose them because you don’t have the proper athletic gear, it can impact your everyday life and put you into a stressful and costly situation with an emergency dentist in Richardson. Mouthguards are incredibly effective at reducing your risk of experiencing dental dilemmas. So you feel comfortable making the best decision for your mouth, below are some FAQs about custom sportsguards from your dentist.  

What are Custom Sports Mouthguards?

When you visit your dentist in Richardson to get a custom sports mouthguard, you can expect to receive an oral appliance made to provide maximum protection to your teeth, jaw, and oral tissues from absorbing force. The materials and design are approved by the American Dental Association and are shown to reduce the risk of concussion and jaw injuries as well.

A store-bought mouthguard only provides minimal protection because it’s not designed to protect the individual user’s unique oral structure. Mouthguards are essential athletic protective gear that should be worn at all times during any kind of contact sport or hobby.

Do They Come in Children’s Sizes?

Custom sportsguards are specially designed to provide maximum protection to your mouth, whether you’re six years old or 60. Not everybody’s mouth is the same, so it doesn’t make sense purchasing a one-size-fits-all-solution from the store.

How Long Do Custom Sportsguards Last?

Like any other athletic safety gear, your sportsguard will eventually wear down, making it less effective. If you notice that it is becoming loose, is damaged, or begins irritating your mouth, schedule a visit with your dentist in Richardson. Typically, the lifespan of these oral appliances is anywhere from three to five years. Because they’re approved by the American Dental Association, the materials your dentist uses to create them are resilient, safe, and tear-resistant.

Do Mouthguards Require Special Cleaning?

When you receive your custom mouthguard, you’ll be pleased to know that cleaning it will be easy. They should be brushed using toothpaste after each use and stored in their protective case. To keep the material from warping, don’t use hot water to sanitize it, and avoid placing it in direct sunlight.

Will it Be Hard to Breathe or Communicate With a Mouthguard In?

Because your oral appliance will be custom-crafted to fit your mouth comfortably, you won’t have to worry about not being able to communicate with your teammates because it will allow you to speak easily. You’ll also be able to breathe better than with most sportsguards because your front airway will be left unobstructed.

Choosing a custom-fitted mouthguard will reduce your risk of experiencing a dental emergency, causing potentially permanent damage to your mouth. Made from the safest and most resilient materials, they’ll allow you to perform your best without risking your safety in the process.

About the Author

Dr. Afshin Azmoodeh has been serving his community of Richardson for nearly two decades. He’s passionate about providing his patients with necessary preventive care to save them money, time, and hassle down the road. He offers custom-crafted sports mouthguards to help keep athletes’ teeth safe from impact and prevent dental emergencies from occurring. For questions or to schedule an appointment, visit Canyon Creek Family Dentistry’s website or call 972-644-3800.

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