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Do Dentures Have Dietary Restrictions?

August 4, 2023

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Modern dentures are an incredibly comfortable and believable way to restore lost teeth, but they can’t chew exactly like the real thing. While they are great for the grinding part of the chewing process, they can have significant difficulty with the tearing aspect. Though some foods can become more accessible as someone wearing dentures gets more practice chewing, some fare require special care. Here are some foods that can be especially difficult to eat with dentures.


It might be a favorite at the movie theater, but popcorn is no friend of dentures. Between that poofy crunchy texture that makes it so loved are the tiny hulls and kernels. While biting directly on these hard pieces can damage teeth, they can get wedged between them. While dentures have these same issues, people wearing them also have to worry about a kernel getting stuck beneath their appliance, causing much irritation until it is removed.

Sticky and Brittle Candies

Many people love confections like toffee, caramel, peanut brittle, and gummy candy, but these can be very sticky. While removing them from natural teeth can be bothersome, it is even harder to dislodge them from a denture. Hard candies like butterscotch disks or fruity lozenges can also stress the artificial teeth. This doesn’t mean that one wearing dentures must give up on sweets. Some candy manufacturers make denture-friendly sweetmeats since so many people wear dentures. You can even get denture-friendly gum that is less sticky than other brands.

Tough Meats

Steak is great off the grill, but wearing dentures can make it difficult to chew. Since dentures have trouble with tearing food, the chewy muscle tissue of steak, pork chops, ribs, and wings can cause gum pain or dislodge teeth from the appliance. Accidentally biting into a bone can also cause damage to the artificial teeth. This meats are not completely off-limits with dentures, but they requires some special considerations. Chewing the softer cuts that seem to melt in your mouth can still be manageable with dentures, and cutting the tougher cuts into smaller pieces can reduce the risk of damaging the appliance.

While eating these foods can be especially difficult with traditional dentures, it’s worth mentioning that implant-retained dentures can restore more natural chewing ability because they are more securely anchored in the mouth. Wearing dentures can give you a smile you’d want to show off, and they deserve the care they need to keep serving you for years to come.

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